Ministry Academy

AXIS Ministry Academy

The AXIS Ministry Academy offers pastors, ministers, and lay leaders access to a variety of professional development opportunities in diverse ministry areas. Throughout the year, church leaders can participate in such events as “Fanning the Flame” to learn from national leaders in pastoral ministry; or staff and directors of Weekday Education Ministries can participate in an annual conference focused on early childhood. AXIS staff seek to identify on-going educational needs of church leaders and offer on-line workshops and webinars throughout the year. Professional Development certificates can be earned in focused areas of ministry such as Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and Family Ministry by participating in at least 10 approved professional development sessions.

An active member (for at least one year) of a cooperating BGAV church is eligible to apply for a Nontraditional Ministry Education Scholarship. The application is included on the AXIS Course Registration Form.

For leaders responding to the call of pastoral ministry, AXIS offers a Pastoral Leadership Certificate which provides both theological and practical training. The majority of these professional development opportunities are virtual, giving participants the benefit of logging in from their locations and in some cases interacting with the instructor and fellow participants.

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Pastoral Leadership Certificate

For those responding to God’s call to serve in pastoral leadership, including those called to Co-Vocational Church leadership, AXIS provides an opportunity to earn a Certificate in Pastoral Leadership which combines basic theological education as well as practical tips and techniques.

The certificate includes 10 online courses. Five courses are always synchronous and include live online instruction by an AXIS faculty member as well as independent course work. Synchronous classes include:

  • Co-Vocational Church and Ministry 
    Description coming soon
  • Leading Change
    Change is a constant part of the cultural and church landscape. Leaders must be able to navigate and adapt to the ever-present tides of change. This course will focus on skills needed for leading in the context of change.
  • Leveraging Conflict 
    Conflict is a natural part of human relationships. Every church faces the reality of conflict at some level. This course will focus on gaining an understanding of the nature of congregational conflict and how conflict can be leveraged to advance the health and mission of the church.
  • Pastoral Care
    This course will explore the theological foundation and the practical expression of pastoral care amid a broken and hurting world.
  • Sermon Preparation
    This course focuses on the basic elements and skills necessary for preparing a biblically based sermon and explores the art of sermon delivery.

In addition, five courses may be offered synchronously or asynchronously, such as:

  • Creating Church and Community Partnerships
    This course will discuss types of partnerships between churches, schools, and community organizations that expand ministry to children and their families; elements to consider before engaging in a partnership; and strategies for sustaining partnerships.
  • Equipping and Empowering Disciples
    Discipleship is a lifelong process rather than a church program. This course will focus on how we equip disciples and empower them for ministry in today’s world.
  • Financial Stewardship
    This course will give attention to stewardship as a spiritual practice that impacts the well-being and witness of the church and offer guidance in a creating a budget that reflects the mission of the church. This course will be especially helpful for leaders who manage or have oversight of ministry budgets.
  • Ordinances, Rituals, and Ceremonies
    Church leaders must give attention to numerous practical matters. This course will focus on the nuts and bolts of an array of issues such as baptisms, communion, ordination, weddings, funerals, worship planning and meetings.
  • Story of God
    The Bible tells the story of God’s redemptive activity in human history as a continuous story from Genesis to Revelation.

For questions or more information please contact or call 800.255.2428 ext. 2243.

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Dual Enrollment Option

CCFOO – Orientation and Formation – Note: This course is taught through the Truett Seminary Online Certificate Program and serves as a dual enrollment course between BGAV and Truett Seminary.  Participants who elect to take this course will receive credit through MEN and credit towards an Advanced Certificate through Truett: The first course in the Truett Seminary Certificate Program is 8 weeks in duration and covers the subject of Spiritual Formation—the basic process by which Christians are formed spiritually. The course includes practices and understandings that can help Christians grow closer to God and live out their faith more vibrantly. In addition, the course teaches skills to help promote success in the Truett Certificate Program. For advanced participants, an optional set of assignments focused on a biblical study of the “Kingdom of God” in Matthew and Luke is available. Download the Truett Seminary brochure for more information.

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