Education Partners

Partnership Options

To best serve the educational needs of AXIS students, we establish partnerships with other exceptional educational institutions. These partnerships are strategically formed to serve the ongoing educational needs of students by expanding opportunities for course work and advanced certificates. While certificates from AXIS focus on the practical ministerial skills needed for a thriving ministry, our educational partners provide in-depth Biblical and theological training. When a student desires both, then we are here to ensure a smooth educational transition from the AXIS Academy to our educational partners.

Baylor University George W. Truett Theological Seminary Online Certificate Program

The Online Certificate Program is designed for church and members who desire more depth in educational study for their Christian life or ministry. It involves substantial study in a flexible format for anyone who wants to learn through a seminary, but does not have the finances, time, or interest to pursue a master’s degree. For more information visit: or call (254)710-6351.

Availability of Professional Continuing Education Credits
In partnership with Baylor University, students can apply for professional continuing education credits and receive a transcript documenting your ongoing professional development. For more information regarding how to apply for CEU’s please email

Dual Enrollment Option:  CCFOO – Orientation and Formation – Note: This course is taught through the Truett Seminary Online Certificate Program and serves as a dual enrollment course between AXIS and Truett Seminary.  Participants who elect to take this course will receive credit through AXIS and credit towards an Advanced Certificate through Truett: The first course in the Truett Seminary Certificate Program is 8 weeks in duration and covers the subject of Spiritual Formation—the basic process by which Christians are formed spiritually.

The course includes practices and understandings that can help Christians grow closer to God and live out their faith more vibrantly. In addition, the course teaches skills to help promote success in the Truett Certificate Program. For advanced participants, an optional set of assignments focused on a biblical study of the “Kingdom of God” in Matthew and Luke is available. This course is taught by Truett Seminary professors and students will enroll through Truett and received credit for an elective through AXIS.